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Offshore companies play a vital role in efficient tax and financial planning, especially in fulfilling the objectives such as preservation of wealth and the mitigation and/or deferral of the overall tax burden. DFK Chancery provides individual solutions for corporate and private clients tailored to their specific needs and objectives, whilst also ensuring that they are placed in the best position to utilise the territorial advantages of a given fiscal system.

Choice of jurisdiction
The Isle of Man has a very favourable tax regime in respect of taxation with the majority of companies being liable to a 0% (nil) corporate tax rate. This advantageous regime offers considerable benefits to clients who wish to use a legitimate and correctly structured tax planning vehicle.
Although the majority of structures administered by DFK Chancery on behalf of clients are Isle of Man companies, DFK Chancery also administers companies in many other parts of the world including Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, BVI, Cyprus, Nevis and Panama together with more traditional onshore centres such as Ireland and England & Wales. We have affiliated offices in most jurisdictions and companies can be incorporated quickly and efficiently. Details of the corporate regulations in these jurisdictions, share ownership requirements, costs of formation, administration, annual tax and registration fees payable are available on request.


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