of the Isle of Man
of the Isle of Man
and recognition
a brief history


The Isle of Man is centrally located in the middle of the British Isles and is one of the World’s leading offshore jurisdictions, and is highly regarded as an international financial centre. It is not part of the United Kingdom but is self-governing with Tynwald, the Island's parliament, making its own laws and overseeing all internal administration, including taxation.

The Island enjoys a special relationship with the European Union set out in Protocol 3 to the UK's Treaty of Accession. This allows for free movement of goods in trade between the Island and the EU.

The Isle of Man has a well-balanced and diversified economy which combines its traditional industries with areas such as manufacturing and financial services.
The key to the Island's continued success is the close working relationship between the private sector and Government. The Government recognises that the Island's constitutional position and economic well-being depend on its existing level of autonomy, in particular its ability to legislate on fiscal and other domestic matters.




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