of the Isle of Man
of the Isle of Man
and recognition
a brief history

The Isle of Man occupies a central position in the middle of the Irish Sea, close to the geographical centre of the British Isles. The Island is some 33 miles (52 kilometres) long from north to south and 13 miles (22 kilometres) wide from east to west at the widest point. Snaefell at 631 metres is the Island’s only mountain in excess of 2,000 feet, and on a clear day according to an old saying, from the summit one can see six kingdoms: those of Mann, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, and Heaven

The Island contains a wide variety of scenery including green stretches of unspoilt countryside, sandy beaches, a northern plain, rocky cliffs, sheltered bays and busy and vibrant town centres. Apart from the main island of Man itself, the Isle of Man includes some nearby small islands including the partially inhabited Calf of Man, and the uninhabited Chicken Rock and St. Patrick's Isle.

The Island enjoys favourable weather conditions and offers a refreshing and clean environment in which to live and work.


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